Anhui Light Industries International Co., Ltd (ALIC), a state-owned foreign trade enterprise of Anhui Province, has scored annual total volume of 600 million US dollars and annual turnover over 4.0 billion RMB.

   More than 500 well-experienced foreign trade elites of our company headquartered in ALIC center, Hefei High-Tech Development Zone, secure the best service for customers at home and abroad.

   We have specialized in export and processing trade of various light industry products, craftworks, chemical products and machinery &electronic products, involving textile garments, domestic utensils, shoes, hats, bags, suitcases, fittings, toys, gifts, stationery, kitchen supplies, sanitary wares, travel products, sporting goods, accessories of ships, lights, bikes, electric information and automobiles. Additionally, multi-layered businesses have expanded to over 160 countries and regions all over the world, coupled with sound cooperation with 3500 global partners and 8500 domestic suppliers. ALIC is also a well-known importer of various raw materials, medical apparatus, machinery and consumer goods.

   ALIC has successively become a high-end product & service provider for world-class enterprises, institutions and organizations, such as Auchan, Wal-Mart, Shiseido, Airbus, Disney, UN Procurement Center, NATO, Carrefour, C&A, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Aldi and BMW.

   The own brands of ALIC including “LILY”, “Carefree”, “Holiday”, “FlyingCrane”, “Happiness” and “EUROPA” have acquired renown in the world.

    ALIC, with couples of international certifications, has been honorably awarded with AEO Certificate, AAA-Rated Customer of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, China Quality Guarantee and Credible Enterprise, China Quality Guarantee and Credible Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise of Anhui Business System, Enterprise of Credit in Anhui Province, A-Level Tax Payer in Anhui Province, Provincial E-commerce Demonstration Enterprises and Civilized Enterprise Affiliated to Anhui Province.

   Partnership, perseverance and prospect are what underlie the core value of ALIC which is a champion of “with customers, by customers and for customers”. ALIC blazes a trail of win-win based on the integration of harmony, consolidation and honesty. So “give ALIC your hand then mutual benefit will begin!”


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